Buy Cheap, Bury Deep: Store Owner Under Fire For Controversial Gun Ad

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Mar 18, 2008
Buy Cheap, Bury Deep: Store Owner Under Fire For Controversial Gun Ad

Posted By: Thomas Wilson
18 hrs ago
By Ryan Kosgard, KPRC/NBC News Channel
HOUSTON, TX -- A new, controversial gun store ad has some wondering about the real meaning behind, "Buy them cheap. Bury them deep." The radio ad, airing in the Houston, Texas area also says, "This is Jim Pruett calling from federal prison. Well, not yet."
The ad is for Jim Pruett's Guns and Ammo in northwest Harris County, Texas. It then carries a political message, "Come this November, many could be incarcerated if a bunch of naive voters elect misguided, anti-gun politicians to office."
One line stands out. It says, "Jim Pruett's guns and ammo, where we say 'Buy them cheap. Bury them deep.'" Some are asking, "Bury who deep?"
Owner Jim Pruett said, "We certainly don't mean -- buy your guns, shoot the criminals and bury them deep. Not in your back yard. No, that's not the intent of that. But it's a fun thing to think about."
Pruett said he meant customers should buy guns now and stash them away in case Texans cannot buy them later because politicians prohibit the sale. It's not the first time the former radio personality and Vietnam veteran has captured attention.
One of his radio ads urged people to arm themselves against Hurricane Katrina evacuees. He called them "Katricians."
Pruett said, "I try to use my radio time to say something important."
Andy Kahan, the crime victim's advocate for Houston's mayor, said of the gun ad, "It's just sad that we have to live in a society where you think that you have to have a firearm just to keep you and your family safe."
Pruett said his gun training classes remain at full capacity. He said they have successfully trained more than 5,000 people over the past seven years.


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Apr 28, 2008
Kenefick, TX
Jim P has had several good ads in the past. He took some flack for other ads after the invasion from New Orleans. Seems like some people didn't like Jim advocating the use of firearms for personal protection after Houston's crime rate rose exponentially following the refugee buses unloading here. :eek:

He was in radio for years here in the Houston market and does know how to effectively use the medium. The walk in business at his shop always increases following one of his "controversial" ads.


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