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    Oct 5, 2009

    If you have a C&R licence and mail it to Century you will get an account that shows you the firearms available and the prices. General public will not see the prices. Century is most likely the largest importer of milsurp and usually they are the ones that the dealers and retail outlets buy from. Very good selection of C&R pistols right now and plenty of Mausers and Nagants. The C&Rs are clearly marked as such. If you want to try your hand at gunsmithing they have plenty that need work and are priced accordingly. I bought from them for 6 years and was never dissappointed. You will find mixed reviews on the firearms they "fabricate". Personally I have always recieved more than I expected. Sorry if I cause any of you to blow your Christmas budget. I was surprised to see the Isreali Mauser was available. Those are also called "Reparation Mausers" and are chambered for the NATO 7.62x51. Most were used fairly hard as the Isreali's practiced hard. Nice piece of history never the less. Wish I had my C&R right now, I have a couple closets I need to fill up. BTW, give the PDF a minute to load, the link takes you right to their catalog.

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