Coast Triplex LED flashlights FS/FT will ship

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    May 11, 2009
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    About two years ago I bought a "lot" of Coast triplex LED flashlights on Ebay. I paid about 9 bucks a piece for them. They feature Nichia LEDs with a reflector tube design. They also includes batteries and carry pouch. The only downer...they use non-rechargeable "n" size batteries. They are expensive but they also last a really long time. I have both the newer and older styles. One has batteries that expired in 11/08(older style)but still seem to work fine now. The older design also features a higher Mw rating(47.5vs46.7) which means even though it is an older design, it still has more output of light. The newer design has a lanyard attached to the lower housing and no exp. date on the batteries. Anyways, now I would take 7 bucks + shipping to your location or trade em' FTF for various gun/hunting stuff or components. PM me or tell me what you got to trade. I have at least 6 available(2 old, 4 new) maybe more. Pictured here is the newer style I have available.

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