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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by jgedmond, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. jgedmond

    jgedmond Active Member

    Dec 2, 2008
    Can anyone report on the quality of 5.56 or 9mm ammo from this reloading shop in Conroe, TX?

  2. PopsXD9sc

    PopsXD9sc Active Member

    Nov 16, 2008
    Shot a lot of Collins 40 and 9mm about a year ago. IIRC only one fail to fire; primer wasn't pushed all the way in. Price used to be good compared to factory ammo; don't know how it compares to Blazer Brass now though.
  3. bvillars

    bvillars Member

    Feb 22, 2009
    bought couple thousand rounds in december of 9mm and had good luck with it. even fired in a tec 9mm ( fmj) 45 fed ok in a uzi carbine a couple of stovepipes cleaned and seemed ok
  4. Vellcrow

    Vellcrow Active Member

    Aug 8, 2008
    The stuff may have been good a year or so ago, but we see a lot of it every now and then at Red's; my vote...stay far away from it. It is the first ammo I have seen to choke up a Glock, and I needed a hammer to tap the stuff out.

    Every time a see the little baggies come on the range, everyone with them has a handgun jam up. So far, there have been Glocks, Rugers, XDs, and Berettas that I have personally seen issues with, and it was not the gun's fault.
  5. Ranger60

    Ranger60 Active Member

    Mar 28, 2008
    A shooting buddy bought some of their pistol ammo and had a 1 out of 3 failure rate. Neither he nor I will buy anymore. And it was in a Glock that has zero problems with anything else.
  6. TexMex247

    TexMex247 Well-Known TGT Supporter

    May 11, 2009
    Leander(NW Austin)
    Collins cartridge company

    IME CCC ammo shot just fine in all of my guns. True, this was a few years ago when they were producing less of it. The .223 ammo I bought was 55gr SP ammo with mixed LakeCity headstamps they all fed, fired and ejected just fine from my mini-14. The groups weren't exceptional but fair enough for plinkin'. The 9mm ammo was 115gr fmj bullets which also shot reliably. Now, if you are shooting a glock or AR-15 these same bullets may have given you some trouble but in my guns, no problems. He supposedly uses Camdex machinery which is similar to what the big four use.(fed,win,rem,cci.) I haven't bought any recently but would recommend them if reloads are all you've budgeted for.
  7. texas1willy2

    texas1willy2 Active Member

    Apr 20, 2009
    At the early part of the ammo mess I bought about 500 rds. of 223, and had zero problem. The problem I ran into was when I wanted to buy a bunch the waiting list scared me away.

    I did see a good deal at SSA and thats one of the better companies. (new ammo)
    Silver State Armory - ON SALE
  8. jgedmond

    jgedmond Active Member

    Dec 2, 2008
    Collins Cartridges 223 Range Report:

    I got out to the range today to try the Collins Cartridges 223. As others have stated, they are packaged in 100 round ziplock bags. I inspected 25 random samples and found a few dings in the cases, but nothing major. All brass was stamped LC (Collins web site says they use once-fired LC brass). There was no sealant around the primers or bullets and the case necks were not annealed.

    I shot at Carter's Country on Treaschwig in the late morning. It was about 90F and partly cloudy with little to no wind. Wind direction was across my field of fire.

    I shot 25 rounds at 50 yards off of sand bags using my Colt LE6920 with an EOTech 516 that had been previously zeroed at 50 yards. I shot in groups of 5 per magazine. For the first 10 shots, I took my time aiming and for the last 15, I tried to shoot as rapidly as I could get back on target.

    The 25 shot group measured 4" vertically and 2" horizontally. There were 2 shots that were significantly higher than all of the others. Ignoring those resulted in a 2" x 2" group. No feed or ejection problems. Excellent performance comparable to commercial cartridges that I have used (mostly Am Eagle XM193 and PRVI M193). I will be buying more of these rounds for plinking and range practice at $38/100 - YMMV.
  9. TxSgt1911

    TxSgt1911 New Member

    Sep 25, 2008
    It's been several years, but I've fired both .223 and 9mm from this place. The 9mm failed to eject about 20% of the time, resulting in a stovepipe or double feed when fired from my Glock 17 that literally feeds everything. Also about 1 round in 10 would not allow the slide to go fully into battery. As for the .223 - I bought 100 rounds several years back. The 5th round fired from my Colt A-2, the case split and jammed in the chamber. It took a mallet, wooden dowel, and a lot of elbow grease just to get the bolt back and get the split case out. As previously stated in the last post - YMMV, but I'm never buying their reloads again.
  10. Army 1911

    Army 1911 Well-Known

    Mar 17, 2008
    Dallas Texas or so
    I have fired over 5k of .45acp from them over the last 2 years. The last batch I bought seemed to be lacking in the QC department. FTF of about 75 out of 3000. Reson was crimping issues. This 3k is not part of the 5k in the first sentence.

    When the father got sick, quality went down and prices went up. Last batch was only a buck per hundred cheaper the Winchester white box 100 packs from Wallyworld.

    It is cleaner than WWB and is good range ammo. Would not use it for SD though.


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