Currently in the primary: NB Irish Red Ale (first brew)


Dec 6, 2011
Northwest San Antonio
my NB kit was scheduled to arrive monday, but ended up being delivered on saturday. on sunday i hit up a guy on Craigslist and got 3 cases of bottles for $20. he was an old timer and he was getting rid of all of his beer stuff as he said he was getting to old to lug around 6gallon carboys and stuff.

anyway, i start brewing, i steep the specialty grains for 20min on the stovetop (electric). after 20 min i remove the grains and crank up for a boil, an hour later and still no boil. i end up going to my propane burner outside and had a boil in 3minutes. added the LME and got past the hot break with ease. added the hops, 60 min boil, added the 2nd hops with 30 min left. i walked away ocasionally and returned throughtout the 60min just fine. the last 5 min i ended up with a boilover and lost 2-4 cups of wort. as i was ice bathing the wort i hit up r/homebrewing and the consensus was to calm down and continue as if nothing happened, so i made 5 gallons.

currently bubbling away according to the airlock. will report back in ~2months.

also, my LHBS sells bottles by the case for $15. and they got a extract recipe for Yuengling clone. woot!
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