Daewoo DR-200, how much?

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  • Shooter McGavin

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    Jul 26, 2012
    Free Texas
    Howdy fellas,
    quik question, I came upon a used Daewoo DR-200 (Kimber) in a local pawn shop. It appeared to be in great condition, had the factory rail mounted on top and side folder wire style stock. Comes with two GI steel mags and a soft case. They had it stickered for $1499 but after looking at it the guy said he'd do $1100 + tax = $1190. I'm seeing these things listed from $800 - $1700 and though not rare, I don't see them very often so I'm kinda unsure if that's a decent price or not. I would surely appreciate some input if ya have some, Thank ya much!


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    May 12, 2009
    NE Houston
    They are ok, dose it have the thumb hole stock? Parts are somewhat hard to come by tho some are interchangeable with ARs tho. I've had two the thumb hole stock and the folding/sliding para stock. Both shot about 3" at 100. It might be a fun gun but I'd stick with Colt 6920 for the price. Just my .02 cents.

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    Feb 8, 2013
    That's an average price, not bad but not great.
    The 'Woo's are great rifles, the only issue is if you break something.
    Most parts are made from Unobtainium and when you do find them they are pricey, I sourced a firing pin for a customer after searching for a month.
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