Davilla, TX Appleseed Jan 10-11


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Dec 10, 2008
The RWVA will be hosting another Appleseed Rifle Clinic this weekend in Davilla, TX (about an hour NE of Austin). This is a relatively cheap clinic that will let you work on position marksmanship. The class starts with the basics of firing a shot and takes students through firing the Army Qualification Test. We also tell the story of April 19, 1775, broken up in 3 parts through the day.

The two day clinic is $70 if you preregister, or $45 for just one day (if you've not been to an Appleseed before, it is better to come on Saturday for the instruction). Walk ons with no prior registration are about $10 more. Women, under-21, and active or reserve military shoot free.

We do all shooting Saturday on a 25m range, so you can shoot this with 22LR. The most common rifle on the line is probably the Ruger 10/22, though plenty of people show up with battle rifles as well. You can show up with ANY rifle (we're just happy you are there!), but magazine fed rifles will be easier to shoot some of our courses of fire with.

On Sunday, if there are sufficient people who are shooting well enough, we'll move to the 400m range and shoot the AQT at full distances.

Specific information about the Davilla shoot:
2009 Davilla, TX Appleseed and Boot Camp Information

General information about Appleseed:
The Appleseed Project


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