Desert Eagle - .50 Action Express (.50 AE)


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May 29, 2017
Austin, TX
I've shot one of these before and it was a hoot. This time I managed it quite a bit better, and shot a much tighter group.

Really, there is nothing great about a Desert Eagle apart from the stupid size, and awesome big-bore caliber. I've shot the .44 Magnum variant and found it to be a bit more pleasurable, but .50 AE certainly takes the fun cake. There is a bit more muzzle report, and a considerable amount of muzzle flash, combined in a grab bag of felt recoil. You certainly feel the rounds lighting off.

The gun has crap ergonomics, and the slide was grating against my hand, but the trigger was decent. Chalk it up as a fun gun for sure, especially if you are trying to impress Guidos, Newbies, and l337 Op3r4T0rz.

I still want one.


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Mar 3, 2008
Austin, Houston
50 DE is pretty darn tough

I bought my dad a 50 DE so he would stop with his constant Clint Eastwood talk about how his 44 is the biggest pistol made. Neat pistol for sure and I will borrow it from time to time to share with folks and watch the reaction it gets. Honestly I prefer to pass on the abuse of shooting that contraption.


Jun 19, 2008
Amarillo, Texas
I absolutely love my 50 DE. To me, the recoil is not abusive at all, but I enjoy big bore handguns. It's alot easier for me to shoot than a 500 S&W, but those are alot of fun too. Not trying to impress anyone with it, (I could care less what anyone thinks of it for that matter) but it sure is fun to shoot. It's weird switching back to my 9mm's after shooting it though. They feel like toys after shooting that anvil.
Sep 4, 2008
Gladewater, TX
I want one of the DE's in the .357 Mag calibur.
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