Don't forget to spring forward tonight

Peter M. Eick

Mar 9, 2008
I totally forgot this morning. Just another sunday. After walking around changing the clocks I was still upset at Carter for causing this mess now what 30 years ago?
It goes back a lot farther than Carter: Richard Nixon implemented extended daylight savings time "to conserve energy"; and the original idea for daylight savings time was suggested by Benjamin Franklin. Nothing was done with the idea until WWII, when daylight savings time was established to save energy.

I'd just as soon stay on DST all year long; I don't care if the sun goes down at 4:30 PM.


TGT Addict
Feb 22, 2008
Republic of Texas
Dittos, man! I can actually mow my lawn in the evenings when it's cooler and not suffer heat stroke!;)
I let my wife mow my lawn.
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