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DVD Review, Tactical Response - Shooting Missology

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  • SIG_Fiend

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    Feb 21, 2008
    Austin, TX
    I just purchased this video recently. It's a firearm training video by James Yeager of Tactical Response. It covers the topic of basic firearm fundamentals and really does a lot to disprove many myths associated with firearms. The video is focused primarily on handguns, however the basic fundamentals of course apply to pretty much any firearm out there. Here is a link to a short trailer of the video as well as a link to where you can purchase it:

    YouTube - Shooting Missology Trailer

    First off, to sum up the review in a few words I think James himself put it best, and if I may quote him, "Tactical Response shaves with Occam's Razor." That is what I love the most about this DVD, and why I feel many people will really appreciate his approach in this DVD. I've seen a handful of other firearm and handgun training videos, but this one was worlds better in that it is simple, straight forward, and just plain makes sense. I've spent quite a bit of time reading and learning as much as I can to learn to be proficient with the use of a handgun. I'm still an amateur, and feel that while I may be a better shot than the average person, I still have plenty to learn. From everything I have read and seen, I really developed this general feeling that things were quite a bit harder and more complicated than they actually are.

    The one factor I feel was most crucial for me in actually learning something was seeing James actually demonstrate various things in the video. Like many other people, I've spent many hours doing plenty of my own research to sort of self-train myself in an attempt to become more proficient in my abilities. Of course there really is no substitute for personal instruction by a professional, but "book smarts" can go a long ways. However, book smarts aren't everything and certainly aren't a substitute for actual experience. The one thing I noticed is that, I had a good grasp on the fundamentals of pistol shooting before I watched this video. However, once I actually saw the video and saw actual demonstration of some of the things I was already aware of, that's when something clicked in my mind and made me realize I was simply exerting way too much mental energy on what is ultimately a relatively simple task (at least at shorter ranges). That visualization, to me, was one of the best aspects of this DVD. I don't know if this will make sense to everyone but, in the past I was simply "trying" way too hard, focusing on less important aspects like grip and stance a bit too much, etc etc. After watching the video, it really gave me some mental clarity and afterwards I didn't feel like I had to "try" nearly as hard. Afterwards, with just a little focus on the fundamentals, as opposed to "trying" so hard I was simply doing and accomplishing what I had strained so hard to do before. I hope that doesn't sound to cryptic and confusing.

    The thing that stood out the most to me were the results. I went to the range last week and had a particularly bad day as nearly all of my shots were off to the left several inches, even despite the fact I was focusing on my trigger control. My groupings were consistent, however they were still off to the left of my point of aim, which was unacceptable to me. I was using my Sig P220, 100rds, and at 7ds. Well, just yesterday I received this DVD in the morning, watched it, then later yesterday evening I went to the shooting range. I fired another 100rds at 7yds from the same P220. This time, I felt much clearer of mind and as if I wasn't "trying" nearly as hard as I was last weekend. My groups were at least 50% smaller, the group was in the dead center, and nothing off to the left this time, and I felt like I accomplished it with relative ease. The highlight of my day was shooting a friend's Cz75 Sp01 9mm. I put 50rds through that, firing at double the rate of fire I normally do, and felt as if I wasn't hardly trying and shot an even tighter group! While this DVD may benefit everyone in varying degrees, and some very little, I still feel it is an excellent video for everyone as you really need to have a good set of fundamentals to use as a building block for pretty much any sport.

    In concluding this review, I'd just like to say that I more than feel I got my $40 worth out of this DVD. I'd highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you are an amateur.
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