WTS electric guitar amp and pedal (Vox valevtronix AD50VT 2x12 & Boss Gt6)

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  1. bluesboyk3

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    Apr 6, 2012
    alright folks, like the title says. I was activated with my Natl Guard unit when Harvey hit and was away for almost a month. Had some leaks from the breathing tubes from the flashing on the roof. So now I need to replace some drywall, paint, and a section of the master bedroom carpet. Thank God we didn't get a full blown flooding. All firearms are kept in the safe and all items being sold here did not get any water damage.

    With that being said, all of the damage and repair doesn;t justify using the homeowner's insurance but i need to acquire funds somehow. So I have these for sale:

    4. Boss GT6 - $220 shipped, $200 local
    Legendary Boss GT6 electric guitar pedal. Bought used many years ago, not playing much since my band disbanded and life takes over. Has some wear for its age but overall still looks pretty good. i can text pics, pm me your number if interested. power supply included, case is not. I tried it last Christmas and it's working.

    5. Vox Valvetronix AD50 VT 2x12 - - - LOCAL only $200
    Bought it brand new many years ago. Not being used much anymore. Tried it last Christmas for church event with the GT6 and it works. Has tube simulator and various classic amp sounds. Pretty diverse option.

    I'll give incentives if multiple items are bought to one buyer. Thanks for looking

    Text only at : 832-nine six four - 4873
    I can meet up in sugarland, west oaks, downtown and anywhere in between.

  2. deemus

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    Feb 1, 2010
    bump, I would like to have the pedals, but no funds for that right now.

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