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  • ROGER4314

    Been Called "Flash" Since I Was A Kid!
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    Jul 11, 2009
    East Houston
    When I taught in Oklahoma, two students in separate incidents, totally wigged out, lost touch with reality and acted irrationally. One, a HUGE student, grabbed me from behind in a choke hold and was unaware that he was killing me! My Judo training saved my life as I laid his ass out flat on the floor! In both cases, I DEMANDED that they be evaluated, I would NOT shut up, back off or back down and both young men were committed involuntarily. One made a good recovery. The other did not.

    Years later, my neighbor who is normally a terrific guy, got off of his meds and began to act irrationally. He drove like a maniac, trenching yards and bashing down trees with his car. It went on for several days so I called the Sheriff's office constantly until his family got him committed and back on his meds. I made the calls, talked to the Sheriff's Deputies, demanded action which saved his life and probably other lives as well! Today, he is fine! .

    I didn't make those calls and demand action because I hated the individuals. I did those things to protect them and the lives of others. SPEAK UP, DEMAND ACTION AND DON'T STOP OR BACK AWAY FROM THE CONFLICT! BY ACTING, YOU CAN SAVE LIVES- DON'T HESITATE.....DO IT!



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    Apr 8, 2012
    Very well said.

    As a university professor, I've seen similar situations. Sometimes administrators are afraid to act regarding these individuals, apparently fearing lawsuits, claims of discrimination, etc., but when all their classmates and many of the faculty are afraid of an individual, something has to be done.

    As a former police officer, I've seen the bad side of letting these things get out of control. I've also seen the good side of early intervention and getting help for these individuals. It is so important that we have the will to do what is right - even when it is controversial, "politically incorrect", and difficult.


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    May 27, 2014
    Glad they were taken care of finally. Wished more would report these things. Most people familiar with the individual wont report them.


    Been Called "Flash" Since I Was A Kid!
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    Jul 11, 2009
    East Houston
    The two teenaged young men who wigged out were both very nice, never a discipline problem but one day, it was like a switch had been activated.....................they became totally out of it with no prior warning or danger signs! Later, it was shown that neither kid took any kind of drug.

    My classes were vocational so I had them for 2 1/2 hours every day. Watching that sickness overcome them was shocking to see.

    The big one, was a great kid from a farm family. He was like a haystack in bib overalls! I heard this goofy laugh, felt his arm encircle my neck and the lights began to dim. I threw him over my shoulder and laid him out flat on the floor. He had absolutely no idea where he was or that he was killing me!

    He was from a nearby town so I kept track of him. In the years that I stayed there, he never did find his way back to reality. He was functional but very hard to communicate with. There was nobody home!

    My neighbor is a great guy and a good friend. Once he flipped out, he began driving like a maniac like pealing around the gas pumps at the local Quick Stop, uprooting trees and driving flat out down the road....in reverse. When he parked the car, he got on his house roof with a knife and made threatening gestures to all of us.

    What I learned...........
    If you call the law, they will politely respond and promptly blow it off! You must keep calling, raise Hell, and keep the pressure on! My other neighbors did exactly the same thing and we finally got him some help. Today, he is medicated and a very good neighbor. No one had to die.

    Be advised that you won't be real popular with the LEO's when you do this. You just need to DEMAND that some action be taken!

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