End of the year rush


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Aug 11, 2008
Well, our thieves were out shopping before Christmas with a vengence.

Three (3) more to add to our list.

1. Remington 700, .243, bolt action, serial number RR06331C, has a Leupold VX2 scope. Investigator Paul Ward 903.654.4915.

2. Taurus handgun, revolver, 5 shot, 2" barrel, 38 Spl., serial number GM77247. Investigator Michael Dockery 903.654.4916

3. Bushmaster, AR-15, Carbon 15, .223, serial number CRB01240. Investigator Michael Dockery 903.654.4916

As always I am very grateful for your eyes and ears in assisting to locate these firearms.
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