Father and Son Accused in Shovel Beating Deaths of Mother Possum and Babies


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Mar 10, 2008
Just think how evil the people are who use the standard mouse traps in their homes!! So what if they do carry deadly diseases. I mean they are fuzzy and cute! If you have an infestation in your home then move out! I have been told by my hippy Austin nieces that animals should have more rights than people.

Now that I think of it, after seeing the two displayed, cased, American flags on my fireplace mantle, my nieces told me that I worshiped war. I didn't know that! I thought that I was just honoring my past relatives for the service they did for me and my country. I never knew that I was such an evil person! :eek: I am glad that I have hippy relatives too keep me informed of what a bad person I am.:rolleyes: You should have seen their faces when they saw my gun safe!!! They won't come over to my house any more. What a shame.;)
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