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FFL eZCheck, verify those FFL transfers quickly/easily

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    Thanks to the ATF we can use this little tool:

    Next time you are doing an FFL transfer, simply obtain the FFL number from the FFL your buyer chooses to go with and enter it in there. This will allow you to verify if they have a valid FFL or not, and there is also an option to download a copy of the FFL and/or search if a FFL has been revoked. As always, follow all state/city firearms laws, ordinances, etc when selling firearms and that means for the buyer's state as well! I realize that this may not apply to all transfers as in some states (including Texas), you can of course do face to face transfers of certain types of weapons and there are some other non-FFL types of transfers you can do. Make sure you are aware of and follow the letter of the law!

    Also, remember that it is Federal/ATF law that you only ship firearms to an FFL with the mailing address listed from the eZCheck. If the address on a faxed copy of an FFL license does not match that listed on eZCheck, you should contact the ATF to find out what's going on. The eZCheck listed mailing address is ALWAYS correct, so if something doesn't match a faxed copy, then there is something wrong.

    Here's a link to a lot of stuff if you want to read up on anything firearms/transfer/regulation related:
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