FGMM issues


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Jul 24, 2011
Conroe, TX
Today i purchased two boxes of federal premium 308win 175gr sierra matchking hpbt gold metal match bullets. The first one i handloaded to ghost load and check if it cycles correctly. My bolt stopped a little before being fully seated causing it to lock. I then was able to free the bolt and upon doing so it ejected the hand fed round and all of the powder. The bullet did not extract but was stuck in the bore, so i pushed it out with a rod. I do not typically check OAL of factory ammo but im assuming it was too long, it did not appear crooked as it fed into the chamber and i dont remember if it slid all the way in easily by hand. I do remember it wasnt hard to feed it in, but i dont shove my rounds in i kinda let them glide and then throw the bolt in behind.

I will be attaching pictures of the boxes of ammo the top numbered box is the one where the bullet unseated from the case. All the rest that i loaded after all fed and extracted fine after. Not sure why it happened but im guessing its either just this box and just that bullet or a lot issue. These were purchased at academy in baytown, tx.

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