Firmus Arms Civilian Training Program Hard launch 06/14/2014

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  • duckknot

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    Oct 26, 2013
    Leander, TX
    For those of you that attended yesterday's lunch gathering you got to meet Todd Looney, owner of Firmus Arms (a new company here in Austin). Next weekend Todd's company will be hosting their first "Defensive/Fighting Pistol I" class. I have been in contact with Todd about the class and about the future of his business and TGT, Todd is dedicated to the success of his business and would love to see more involvement from the central Texas gun community to which I responded what better group than the TGT group! The course is being taught by a highly experienced instructor (info below) and will be beneficial to anyone seeking to become more proficient with their handgun!

    So, I am extending Todd's invitation to all of you (per his request) to attend next weekend's class! Below is the flyer that Todd emailed to me about the event!

    PS, the first 25 people to register (there were 16 as of this morning I believe) get a brick of 22 shells...he was down to the last few boxes of win 333 when I talked to him this morning so act fast!

    Firmus Arms LLC
    Defensive/Fighting Pistol I

    Saturday June 14, 2014
    8:00am – 4:00pm Rifle Demo at 11:30am
    The Defensive/Fighting Pistol I Course is a one Day, Low to Moderate Intensity class with the
    emphasis on the basics of marksmanship and manipulation.
    This class will include:
     Nomenclature
     Disassembly / Assembly
     Maintenance
     Magazine selection
     Sight types
     Ammunition selection
    Practical application will include Weapons Safety; Sight Alignment / Sight Picture; Trigger Control;
    Loading / Unloading / Reloading; Position shooting –Kneeling, Sitting/ point of aim point of impact.

     A good attitude
     A serviceable pistol or revolver, .38 Special /9x19mm or larger
     3 Magazines / speed loaders
     A strong side hip holster. Inside the waistband holsters, shoulder holsters and fanny packs not
     A magazine pouch to hold at least two magazines
     Serviceable combat style handgun is a must. Compacts allowed but discouraged.
     Eye and ear protection
     Baseball type hat
     Clothing appropriate for the season
     Kneepads and elbow pads are optional, but recommended
    200 rounds of serviceable Ball ammunition
    you will be required to bring a cleaning kit and paper towers/rags

    Cost is $100.00 Cash or Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover add 3%)

    To register for this (extremely high value) class – Call or text Todd at 512/825-0170 or email website is Firmus Arms

    This class is the hard launch of the Firmus Arms LLC civilian training program servicing Central
    Texas. Now you don’t have to pay $400-$600 for registration, Fly, Pay for a Hotel, Rent a car and
    amass 500 – 1500 rounds of ammunition to get adequate training. This will also be our first class at
    the new awesome range. Register gather up the gear on the list and bring everyone that you know
    that can benefit from being better trained with their handgun. Firmus Arms LLC
    Defensive/Fighting Pistol I

    Instructor is Johnathan Kidwell
     20 years law enforcement experience
    o Master Peace Officer License
    o Various positions in Municipal and County Law Enforcement including patrol, traffic,
    investigations, SWAT and training.
    o Current Full Time Range Master
    o Current Firearms Instructor for (CAPCOG) 10 county central Texas region
    o TCOLE certified firearms instructor
    o Patrol Rifle Instructor / AR-15 armorer
    o Glock/1911 armorer


    Bowling-Pin Commando
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    May 28, 2008
    Mustang Ridge
    This seems like it would be a GREAT class for commissioned security officers, or peace officers who work in smaller departments that do not have/ or have a very limited training budget.( in other words, people who open carry)

    The average Joe/Joanne that carry every day probably do not need this course with the limitations put on it by the school. The average person carries concealed, has a smaller framed and caliber gun to accommodate this type of carry.

    I am going to pass the info on this class along to a couple of security companies I have done classroom and range training for. I think this fits their bill perfectly.


    TGT Addict
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    Oct 26, 2013
    Leander, TX
    Awesome guys! I think tthe biggest thing is that they want to get training off the ground and get the business stable so that they can make classes better! I know it would be greatly appreciated if we spread the word to anyone and everyone! He is also looking into becoming a forum sponsor!

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