first time reloading the 223


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Feb 7, 2009
Round Rock
This is the first time reloading a rifle round, I have reloaded pistol ammo for 4 years. I have the 223 brass trimmed and ready. Im reloading with 55 grain fmj with bl-c(2) powder. First of all, is there an easier way to lube the cases prier to sizing? Im considering this product MidwayUSA - Frankford Arsenal Case Lube 8 oz Pump

My second question is my reloading manual using the bl-c(2) powder says 25.5 grains. Ive set my powder dispenser, I measured the powder 4 times and its on the money. But, is the powder suppose to be up just before the neck starts?? That sure is a lot of powder!!

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Apr 28, 2008
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I like using the spray lube with .223 cases. A lot easier than using the lube pads; less chance of dimpling the shoulder.

Yep, most of the loads I use fill the case up to just below where the shoulder starts and a few are compressed loads because of the heavier bullets for the 600 yard line at matches. My Speer manual shows 27.0 grains as max with their 55 grain bullets, so you're fine.


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Jan 27, 2009
Comanche Co., Texas
Reloading .223

Yes, that amount of powder will come up to the neck. Yes, spray resizing lubricant is simpler and faster.

A problem I ran into using just Lee dies, some rounds would not chamber in my Ruger Mini or AR15. And I then went to an RCBS small base X die and trim with a Lee tool, the cartridge in a drill. I stuck a case occasionally in the X die until I started resizing first with the Lee die and then again with the X die. Slower but absolutely no stuck cases or failures to chamber. I use 25.5 grains of Winchester 748 and either 55gr. or 63gr


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May 11, 2009
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Reloadin' the 223

I just batched out my first reloads of the 223. I am using IMR 4198 and once fired lake city and RP brass. I use the spray lube myself(by Frankford arsenal), it is fast, easy and effective. It does however require another step to clean it all off before charging the cartridges with powder. Don't forget to use a q-tip or something to smear a little inside of the case necks when sizing them. I decided to start off by loading some Hornady V-max moly coat bullets over 19.5gr of IMR4198. That load also fills the cases to just a bit below the shoulder. Remember, you're now pushing bullets to around 3000fps so expect to fill em' to near the top. Some powders even call for compressed loads which seem a bit scary to me. Anyways, I am currently loading bullets without cannelures or crimps so I'll let you know how well all that turns out. As far as C.O.L.s go, I typically just duplicate proven factory lengths in my AR. Typically with hollow points near 2.200 and ball rounds near 2.250. Let me know what works best for y'all. - Texmex


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Jul 10, 2008
Forney, TX
I started with Lee lube, but it smells like fish, and it dries up too quickly so I had more dented shoulders.

Then, I used Hornady One shot and a RCBS load tray and hit it from 4 sides.

I have gone with Imperial Sizing wax and it works pretty easy. I lubed every third case covering quite a bit, then my my fingers off across the top. No stuck cases and not much mess.



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