First time working on a XJ in 5 years...


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Mar 5, 2008
Texas of course
Sold my '94 XJ about 5 years ago when and resently picked up a '89 XJ to build back up a little cause I've missed not having a play toy. Well today was the first day I actually worked on a XJ since I sold my last one and man did it feel great....feels good to get my hands dirty again. Still waiting on the tax return for the lift so I didn't have any money but I decided it didn't take anything to make room for the 31's so I got to cuttting/bending. Not a bad weekend.



My work-in-progress:

M. Sage

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Jan 21, 2009
San Antonio
I love the bed liner paint job! Years ago, I almost bought a CJ-5 covered with that stuff.

I love the XJ. IMO, it's the best SUV ever built.


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Oct 2, 2008
I have a 1996 Jeep GC LTD 4x4 4.0L I6 and its been a great vehicle. I'm about to hit 199k miles on it without any major issues other than routine maintenance items. These older jeeps are great, run forever, get decent gas mileage, go anywhere, easy to work on and most importantly easy to modify.

My next vehicle is probably going to be an older model Jeep Cherokee to do what your doing, built an offroad play toy. Granted I take my current jeep GC offroad, but its completely stock so I can't do too much with it offroad, however I've been amazed where it will go though.

That XJ looks pretty good for a start, doesn't look like there's any rust or major body damage.


Dec 2, 2008
Katy, TX
Looks good! I had an 89 XJ and it was fun! I also had a 99 TJ and regret selling to this day!!!
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