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I have been thinking about one for the new house. When I think about it I remember raising the flag pole at the Kings Feast @ the Texas Renaissance Festival.

I remember everything about it sucked! Digging the hole was a bitch. It was manhandled into the hole. Setting it straight was chore.

It’ been in place for 20 + years. It wasn’t a small pole, because it had to look right by the feast hall.

I have a telephone pole with a barn light to illuminate mine, but it’s not were I would want it. I get some good winds here. I have the flag and its pretty big. I had a Texas flag from when I got the American flag. I got them when they were being changed out at the shopping center where a store I worked was.


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Nov 25, 2016
So none of you patriots here know anything about flag poles?
OP mentions multiple concerns about price but no indication of where he is located in the State.

Those flag poles cost 13.3 kuhgillion dollars installed. Flag of choice is extra. :p


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Dec 15, 2019
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I think there is more to it then just a pole! Like lightning the flag if you don’t take it down @ night. And when you want to lower it to half mast. The internal rope would be better than listening to it hitting the pole in high wind. Might suck to replace it.
Dad uses some low voltage lighting on his flag pole. He also converted his rope to steel cable and ran it internally when we re-did his a couple of years ago. His flag pole has a hinge at the base, so we can lower it using the front-end loader on the tractor. The lower base at the ground is installed with concrete.
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