For sale or trade .45 GAP Ammo


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Oct 13, 2008
man that sucks. i have a buddy that has tables at almost every gun show i can ask him to put the lot out and try to sell it. have you tried a local store?


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Well I really aint got time to dick with local shops as most wont touch out of some stupid fear. In a year the pulled bullets & powder could very well be worth double. Hell in a year the gun with the ammo together could very well go for 3X it's original value.


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Mar 21, 2009
GAP AMMO for sale

I would like to purchase your .45 GAP ammo for sale. I can contact you or you can call my cell number at 479-206-3159 I live in Fort Smith, Arkansas and recently accidentally purchased 2 .45 cal GAP in the XD series from Now I need to find the ammo which is no easy task. I can send payment in any form necessary. Thank You Jonathan D. Patton

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