Glock 22 Mags

TJ Willy

Oct 27, 2008
Wichita Falls
I have been meaning to pick up a couple extra mags since I bought this pistol. Just keep forgetting to do it! Well today I decided to find some online. Everywhere that usually had the good prices were either out of stock or the "specials" were suddenly gone. I guess the buy panic and price hiking is true.

The cheapest I found IN STOCK were $20 at Natchez... I decided to jump over to AR15 and I found a distributor with some G22 mags for $12.99 each.

LE 15 rnds - used. But Glock will service their mags if there are problems. Springs are also readily available if you don't want to ship the mags off.

Here is the link if you are interested. They had about 40 left when I called. I purchased 5 to make my range time a little easier.

Glock 22 Mags at Cope Distribution Contact number at bottom.

They also have a pretty good deal going on Hungarian AK mags. Picked up some of those as well. They were $14.50 if you buy 5. Tapco polys were $16 maybe??? They also have some Romanian.
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