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  • Lil'Joe

    New Member
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    Oct 28, 2008
    I apologize if these questions have been asked before, but attempted to use the search function to no avail.

    Because of the rising cost of ammo, I am exploring the possibility of dropping a 9mm barrel into my G27 and G23 Glocks.

    I am not a competition shooter, but shoot regularly (almost every weekend). I am a Health Safety Security and Environmental Manager for a large company and use my G23 as part of my chosen profession, while the G27 is strictly a pocket pistol

    Anyway the cost of ammo is getting so high, as I said, I am trying to cut costs by converting to the 9mm. I have a few questions:

    I see a number of conversion barrels, so which ones are the best (I want a true drop-in):

    Wilson Combat
    Lone Wolf
    Storm Lake

    Will I need to change out any other parts going from the 40 S&W in the G27 & G23 to the 9mm.

    I will change out magazines, i.e. 26 for 27 and 19 for 23, anything else I should know/do.

    Thanks in advance
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    Jul 20, 2008
    All of the barrels you listed have proponents and nay sayers. Personnelly I've used lone wolf and KKM barrels in my GLocks, never conversion ones though. More on them in a second. A few points to consider though:

    (1) Typically the after market barrels have tighter chamber tolerances then the factory Glock barrels. This can make them a little finicky when it comes to ammo selection. Reloads and remanufactured ammo may not chamber correctly and also may not extract correctly.

    (2) The "drop-in" part of the equation isn't also so, in some cases you may need to do a little filing to get the barrel to lock up correctly.

    (3) The feed ramps on some are not the same and don't like feeding some bullet types.

    (4) In general the conversion barrels run good in the guns, but they are still more prone to FTF issues, so if you are going to be relying on a pistol for anything other then casual shooting, don't carry it until you are sure it will work flawlessly.

    Now for parts portion of the question. For occassional practice and plinking you really don't need to change anything on the pistol other then the mags. For more serious use you may want to consider changing out the extractor for a 9mm one, referbly one of the newer pattern models. Alot of FTE issues with conversion barrels can be solved by swapping the 40 cal extractor for the 9mm one.

    Now for my personnel experience. I've owned or own three lone barrels and two kkms. Of the five one of the lone wolf barrels and both the KKMs needed some minor filing of the breech face, and on one of the lone wolf barrels the ramp needed a little work. The lock up is very important, because on like a 1911 where the locking lugs are on the inner slide surface and the barrel, the Glock barrel locks up by fitting into the ejection port cut out. It is possbible for the gun to chamber and fire slightly out of battery if the barrel is not locked up tight or if it locks up loose.

    Accuracy wise the KKM barrels seem better to me. They are also the more commonly recommeded ones among the GSSF crowd I run with for unlimited guns.

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