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  • SKS_Fanboy93

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    Sep 28, 2021
    Hi everyone,

    I'm usually just a forum lurker, stopping in on a thread here or there to absorb knowledge and information from those who know more than I do. I decided to create an account mainly because I'm interested in trading/selling a few things here and there.

    A little about myself - I've been into firearms for about ten years, since I became old enough to buy one myself. I'm the only firearm enthusiast in my family, so I learned how to shoot on my own. My first rifle was a Mosin 91/30, then a Yugo SKS, and I've mostly stuck to antique milsurps since, though I do own a few guns specifically for defense and for future hunting trips. I really like venison, just wish I had room in my apartment for a chest freezer.

    Aside from that, my family has been in Texas since it was still a part of Mexico, and before that I believe they came from Georgia, so I guess you could say we have pretty deep roots in the Lone Star State. It will always be home to me regardless of where I go. I'm by no means a country boy, having only spent my summers in the rural hill country, but I do love my home state.

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