Grip Tape Installation over Checkered or textured grips

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  • kaiserb

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    Jan 3, 2009
    Mansfield, Texas
    I did a couple of How-tos recently on Grip tape, text and video:

    Filling Checkering on a Pistol Grip

    I decided to install grip tape on my 2011 for this shooting season. I have always ran my USPSA limited gun with stippling and decided to change things up for this season. To complete this project I would either have to file off the stippling on the current grip or order a new STI grip and use it for the base. I opted for the new grip.
    The new STI grip was checkered and I thought about all the times I break the 2011 down to clean it. I did not want my grip tape to peel off from dirt, oil or cleaner getting under the grip tape via the grooves in the checkering. The solution, fill the checkering with epoxy and then file the grip to shape, leaving a smooth surface for the grip tape.

    Installing Grip Tape on a Pistol Grip

    If you participate in run and gun style shooting competitions you will be familiar with grip tape. Grip tape is that magical stuff that helps your firearm become a natural extension of your body by ensuring the firearm sticks to your hand.
    Using a few pieces of grip tape you can transform a slippery firearm into something you can grip firmly, whether your hands are sweaty, muddy, cold or bloody.
    Grip tape is a fairly simple product it has adhesive on one side and a rough finish on the other side. Installing it correctly requires some technical skill and a few tips and tricks.


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    Oct 10, 2010
    Ebay has pre-cut rubberized and sand paper like grips for just about every model pistol. Easier and looks better than a homemade job, usually. Although I have cut my own.



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