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    Aug 11, 2008
    After I got my GSG5 carbine, a good friend who works in a gun-shop on the coast sent me a pair of 15 round mags.

    Being the curious sort, I wondered why GSG used the same mag body for both the 15 and 22 round mags.

    Last night I decided to see if the 15 round mags could easily become 22 round mags. The short answer: Oh, yeah!

    GSG simply installed a block in the bottom of the mag and glued a plate to either side. The plates are only glued to the spacer though and not the sides of the mag.

    I took off the floor plate, drilled the spacer in the front half (it's got a bow-tie profile from the bottom), which broke the glue and made removing the plates a "snap". Removing the plates let the spacer fall out the bottom. The spring seems the same as the ones in my 22 round mags, but I stretched them just a bit to be safe.

    After the “fix”, they run just fine.

    15 round magazine

    Drilled block & magazine (now 22 rounds)

    Side plate and block on mag to show installed positions

    Sideplates and block, once removed (shown attached for clarity)


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    Aug 11, 2008
    I've not had any issues since converting them... they even make 10 round mags for certain states, and they are the same external size!
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