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Mar 10, 2013
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DR attended a Basic pistol class with his S&W M&P. It was new. S&W has really improved their triggers. I once quipped that S&W should fire their trigger engineering team. Seems like from the the 915, to the Sigma, to first gen M&P they haven't been able to design a trigger which wasn't junk.

But, his was fully adequate.

He made good use of that M&P. We shot a few more cartridges than usual (because he had them, and well, not shooing ammunition is almost a sin). DR put 4 of 5 shots into the 3" circle at 7 yards several times. I sensed he was flirting with great shootings, or maybe I should say great shooting was flirting with him, but he didn't want to seal the deal... if you know what I mean...

Great Shooting (GS) (speaks in sultry voice): Hi, DR, you come here often?
DR: Nope, first time.
GS: Really? That's fascinating. What are you shooting?
DR: An M&P9
GS: Mmmmm, I find M&P's so ergonomic. They just snuggle into my hand, does it fit well in your hand?
DR: Yeah, it's OK.
GS: So, you wanna to show me what you can do with that trigger finger?
DR: You mean, this?
GS: YES! I love it! Take me, DR, I'm yours!
DR: Well, hold on, I have this thing with premature... uh, I anticipate the bang a bit.
GS: That only in your head, DR. Forget about that nasty ol' recoil, you can drill tiny groups in rapid succession with me!

I can't continue, I'm laughing too hard.

DR and I had a great time at the class. He shot a a 2" group with my Ruger MK III and I suspect with just a little more time with his S&W he'll be married to Great Shooting.

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