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Happy Father's day to all!!

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  • juwaba98

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    May 9, 2008
    North Zulch, TX
    Well I though I'd start this up and say Happy Father's day to all Dad's out there. My wife and I are going to take our 2yo son to my parent's house to celebrate. Plus I'll get to shoot my new Springer 1911-A1 that I got for Father's Day. Ok, ok, it isn't new and I had to buy it myself (more on the story later when I get pics added) but I still love this woman for encouraging me to go "pick out something you like" when I told her about a couple of the pretty good deals down at the local funshop. Anyway, like I said first, Happy Father's Day. I hope your day is as enjoyable as mine is shaping up to be.

    Sorry for the length.


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    May 25, 2008
    Thanks, back atcha'. My proud Father's Day moment came earlier this week when my 17 y.o. daughter asked me if she could go the gun range by herself, without me. Independence!

    So Thursday I let her leave the house with her AR-15 and 150 rounds of ammo. She wanted to go meet her shooting coach at a private range. How many parents would freak out at the thought of sending a teenager out the door with an EBR and that much ammo?

    She also asked me if it was okay to take a boy to the public range to go shoot. I wasn't sure if they'd let her in without me (under 18), but I called ASC and they remember her and said she was welcome. She told me I wasn't welcome to come along, so I suspect she's got a date planned, even though she won't admit to it.

    I thought maybe she should call Texas Armadillo to meet her there so she could not only play with some of his uber-cool toys, but he could keep an eye on her and report back to me. In return, he could get some shooting tips. :p I certainly have no concerns about her rifle handling skills, and was a super proud dad that she wanted to go shooting, for the first time, as other than a Daddy/daughter activity. I feel that maybe my parenting has paid off.

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