Hello All from Whitesboro


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Dec 31, 2011
Hello Everyone,

I'm fairly new to Whitesboro (moved here 2 years ago from PA). I'm a mechanical designer who'd really like to be in business for myeself (anyone...anyone offering some ideas???LOL) I have a little bit of everything but prefer to shoot long range with my 308 and possibly soon to have 300WM? If anyone knows of a good place to shoot that's not more than an hour away let me know....even if it's private land as I'm aware of Top Gun already. I'm always interested to take a class, so offer up what you've been to and what you liked or didn't like. I took my AR-10 out to 1000 yards with Randy DeHay and his class at Red River West. I'm very close to scheduling something with BadLands Tactical but that's about it. In addition to owning the means in which to fire projectiles, I'm interested in getting into reloading. I'm thinking of the Redding T7....???

Also, I'm a mtn biker, pool player, former sportbike hooligan and now I just drone back and forth to work in my Ford Focus or can be seen tearing it up on the weekends in my nasty Vette.



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Mar 19, 2008
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