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    May 9, 2009

    My name is John Veit and I have a site on Point Shooting and self defense.

    There is lots of FREE: information, articles, papers, studies, and stats on: Close Quarters Self Defense & Point Shooting on the site.

    Included are the FBI papers on Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness, and the 10 mm Pistol, plus articles and info on CAR, FAS, P&S, QK, our Fight or Flight response, and other self defense subjects such as Target Focus Fighting.

    Many of the papers and articles are from the original sources (gun trainers and gun professionals), or approved by them as written. Some are my me.

    Also included are the US Army's: Combat Training With Pistols M9 And M11 - FM 3-23.35 (2003), The US Marine Corps Pistol Marksmanship Manual (11/2003), and a digest of The US Army's fast, unaimed, and accurate rifle shooting method - Rifle quick Kill - TT 23-71-1.

    You are welcome to stop bye and help yourself to the info and articles.


    As to why I am here, I recently wrote/updated a few articles: one on a fatal flaw of the 1911, one on the failure of Police handgun training, and one that asked the question: has your handgun training set you up to be killed. I posted two of them on a few sites, and to put it mildly, they were not received with thunderous applause :) :) :)

    But what is, is what is. And not liking it won't change it.

    IMHO, the info has practical value for those who may need to use a handgun in self defense.

    And that thinking got me to make a web search for sites, the members of which are not just shooters, but shooters who have or carry a gun for the specific purpose of self defense, as the info would be most relevant to them.

    So here I am.


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    Jun 6, 2008
    San Marcos, Tx
    Welcome to the site, but I don't think I'll be putting down my 1911 anytime soon based on 1800s dueling tactics from one book. Or learning trigger control with my middle finger. I am confident that I can naturally point and shoot w/out sights in my usual grip at the 5yd distances in your tests.

    I see you own the patent on the "aiming aid" to help with your method. That thing doesn't look very friendly for concealed carry.
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