Hello from Hico.


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Oct 23, 2008
Hico, TX
Hey Yall!
I found this forum while searching for a gun to get my brother for christmas (we have a deal to get each other a gun every year either for b-day or xmas). I am already addicted to my automotive forum (cherokeesrt8.com) and know how good of a resource forums can be.

About myself:
I'm 27, live in a small town and am starting a gun collection. The funny thing is I don't hunt, but I love to shoot.
So far I own:
XD springfield 9mm
L1A1 rifle
newengland breakover 20ga
Puma 454 Casull leaver action nickel

I'm in the market for a Benelli Shotgun, probably a pump, black, and not over $600. Any suggestions?

I'm thinking something like this


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Mar 24, 2008
Lufkin, Texas
kWelcome aboard. You dont have to like to hunt to like to shoot or carry for personal defense. I quit hunting w/ a serious passion many yrs ago. I will still go if the convenient chance arrives but dont sweat not getting to go. Your collection is a good one for defense. Keep it growing. I like the deal you have w/ your brother.


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Oct 25, 2008
I'll definately stay around, I'm a forum junky.
I can see that you are a forum junky. You've already got 15 posts.
Anyway, I too am a newb. Nice to meet you.
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