Hello from Houston never owned a gun and thinking of buying my first... just have one question.


Mar 19, 2010
Austin, Texas
I don’t think I’v said anything to counter that, if by “State” you specifically mean Texas.

I’ve said each state treats it’s restoration of firearms rights differently and that the original jurisdiction’s process is what determines how that restoration occurs. For example, Texas cannot restore the rights of someone who lives here now, but was convicted in Tennessee.

For the 4473, applicants follow the instructions provided, but that does not guarantee the applicant is a) not a prohibited person, and b) won’t be delayed or denied during the transaction.

Correct, Texas cannot expunge or restore rights another government took away.

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Mar 19, 2010
Austin, Texas
There’s a lot of confusion and that’s okay because expungement is very complex.

If I recall correctly you’re a pilot but I may be wrong. Anyways, expungement comes up a lot when student pilots are applying for their medical certificate. They usually have an expunged DUI and either don’t check or or forget to check the appropriate box for question 18.

FAA cross-checks several registries and find the expunged convictions because those registries aren’t public records. The medical application then gets deferred, suspended, revoked, or denied and the student now has an uphill battle to prove sobriety, even though there’s an expunged record.

NICS even has it’s own database (NICS Indices) that reflects prohibited person status that’s not found in the other three databases...see page 26 of the 2019 NICS annual report.

Likewise, those appling for LEO jobs still must list expunged records. They don't exist, and yet they do. I have a personal friend (not LEO) who had a conviction expunged and every so often it creates hassle and delays a purchase due to the 4473.

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Sep 29, 2009
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I will appreciate any info thanks.
Lots of good discussion here about the details of the law. If you're comfortable sharing personal information (probably just full name, DOB, and state where the offense occurred), I'll search records I can for that and see if anything comes up. That could probably tell if you definitely have a felony on record and should talk to a lawyer about getting that addressed before trying to buy a firearm, or if I can't find anything then you should probably talk to a lawyer to make sure you'll be telling the truth on a 4473 before trying to buy a firearm.

But you probably don't want to share personal info with a stranger on a web board.



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