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Mar 9, 2008
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Often shooters just getting started in carrying a concealed weapon have no idea what type of holster they should start with. Most often they will get what someone they know already has or what the local gun shop has in stock. Nothing wrong with this but the more information someone has before making a decision the better off they will be in the long run.

Thought I would post some custom makers web links as well as others I have personally had dealings with in the last few years.

First comes to mind are Craig and Audrey at http://www.lightningarms.com/
They stock, or at least try to stock, Milt Sparks and Lou Alessi leather. Great folks to do business with and if they have it in stock you will get it fast!

My favorite maker these days has to be Tony Kanaly at Milt Sparks
http://www.miltsparks.com/ They have quite a wait these days but well worth it in my opinion. I have several of their holsters, belts and magazine pouches. Top quality product at a very reasonable price.

Another favorite is Lou Alessi. Lou does not have a web site that I am aware of at this time but Craig and Audrey can help you out with most anything of his. I also have several of his products and they to are top shelf items.

Next on my list of makers might seem a little strange since I don't own one singel product of his. I have corresponded with him several times over the years and he seems to be a great guy. That would be Andy Arratoonian at Horseshoe Leather http://www.holsters-for-handguns.com/ I have handled a few of his products over the years and they are certainly top notch.

That is my short list of favorites but I do have holsters from other custom makers as well. Mitch Rosen makes my personal favorite magazine pouches and the workmanship of any of his products is equal to any.

I also give honorable mention to Kramer handgun leather at http://www.kramerleather.com/ I have a couple of these holsters and like them very much.

I am sure there are many others out there and hopefully others will post here with makers they have received quality products from.


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Mar 4, 2008
+1 on Lou Alessi and Tony Kanaley/Milt Sparks. I also have several of their products and more currently on order from each. Their stuff is top notch!!


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Feb 21, 2008
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You darn leather holster people! Leather is not tacti-cool enough. The only thing acceptable is carbon composite or Kydex holsters! ;) j/k The aforementioned holster makers do make some nice quality stuff though, just not my style.


Mar 11, 2008
DFW, North Texas
While my gun was at Kimber, I bought a Sparks VMII, SSII, Brommeland Max Con V (Presentation grade) and a Mitch Rosen Workman/Slimline.

Talk about scoring some leather art!!

I discovered that although a beautiful holster, the VMII just wasn't for my body type. I'll get near 3x what I paid for it now.

The Mitch Rosen was the biggest disappointment. It's a friggen work of art, and was what I thought would be the perfect thing for me, but again, it wasn't good for me.

The Brommeland is a keeper as is the SSII. I was surprised at how much I like the SSII. The Brommeland is like butter on my hip. The thing just fades away. But the SSI also feels great and has a lot less footprint on my body, and I can already tell why it's called a Summer Special. :D

It's tough to find the right thing though.


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Mar 9, 2008
North Texas
"The only thing acceptable is carbon composite or Kydex holsters!"

The only plastic I want close to my guns is the credit card I use to buy stuff for them. :)

I don't care for the design of most Rosen holsters myself. Have a couple of them and they just sit in the drawer.

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Mar 6, 2008
There's no doubt that Milt Sparks and Lou Alessi leather is top notch, but if you have a non-standard gun then you probably won't find anything in stock with Lightning Arms or the other dealers. And ordering direct means a 6 or more month wait.

I like UBG holsters a lot. www.ubgholsters.com

I've got several of his IWB and OWB holsters and they're great quality, beautifully made, and he delivers pretty quick. All for a very reasonable price.

Here's my latest one which I got just today, five weeks after ordering. It's a Regulator with shark trim for an M&P 45, with matching mag pouch:




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Mar 9, 2008
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+ 1 on UBGHolsters. Nate made me one for my Rami from a discription
of what I wanted via a fax when he first started and got it in 3 weeks
withan extra mag holder . very well made.


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Apr 5, 2008
Frisco, Texas
Looking for a Micro Compact Holster

Looking to buy a quality holster for a S.A. 1911, Micro Compact. Presently checking out Tucker.
I had a VERY BAD experience with K & D holsters (details by private PM) so not them!
Any other recommendations?
Thanks. :)



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