Holsters, Ammo and Accessories


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Apr 14, 2008
Plano, TX
I would like to sale or trade this stuff FTF in Plano only. As for trades, I am open to offers, but I would like to trade for 9mm ammo!

Holsters and mag pouches...I have more detailed pictures I can send if there is one you'd like to see. You are welcome to bring your guns to see if they fit.

1. Black Belly Band Holster - Right Handed - SOLD!
Fits most small autos and revolvers

2. Kramer MSP Paddle Holster - Left Handed - $30
Not sure exactly what it fits, my S&W 3913 fit in it, but not perfectly. Good condition, some cracking on retention strap but can be replaced, should still last a long time.

3. Don Hume H737 OWB - Left Handed - $50
Fits S&W K Frame revolvers w/ 1-3" barrel - EXCELLENT CONDITION!

4. Safariland (C90 or 530) - Left Handed - $25
Fits S&W J frame revolvers - EXCELLENT CONDITION!

5. Safariland (C90 or 530) - Left Handed - $15
Fits S&W K frame revolvers - has some cracking on the retention strap, but should still last a long time. I also has a little bit of hot glue on the back where someone put it on to help prevent cracking.

6. DeSantis IWB Pancake Holster - Left Handed - $20
Fits S&W K frame revolvers w/ 1-2" barrel

7. Galco JAK203 - Right Handed - SOLD!

8. Fobus 6909 Double Magazine Pouch - SOLD!
It fits most double stack magazines. It fit magazines from my Beretta 92FS and my Walther P99.

9. Kirkpatrick 61D Double Magazine pouch - $30 SPF


Ammo & Accssories...

$8 (30-30 Win) 15 rounds Winchester 170gr Power Pt.

$15 for all (30-06) 15 rounds Federal 150gr Power Shok Soft Pt.
4 rounds Hornady 165gr Interbond

$15 (.38 Special) Full Box (20 Rds) Federal 110gr Hydra-shok JHP

$5 (.32ACP) 24 rounds Remington UMC 71gr FMJ

$10 for all (.380 Auto) 36 Rounds Blazer Aluminum 95gr FMJ
11 rounds Remington JHP

$20 Electronic Cass Creek Predator call
has Jack Rabbit, Cottontail Rabbit, Coyote Howl, Pup Yips, and Fawn Distress sounds.

$10 Leather sling with loop ends and Nylon sling with clips.

$5 for 2 Nylon ammo holders that slip over a rifle stock



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Apr 14, 2008
Plano, TX
It is elastic, but I wouldn't say it fits all. I have a 36" waist and it fits me just right. It would probably work for someone with about a 32"-40" waist pretty well.


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Oct 20, 2008
San Marcos/Lake Dallas, Tx
I would love to take it off your hands but I wont be back in town until the 30th. Where are you located at in plano? My dad works in plano and I might be able to get him to swing by and pick it up for me. Thanks. I would PM you but i read that i must have 5 posts first.
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