Homeland Defense Rifle

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Mar 18, 2008

Homeland Defense Rifle

I don't know where it got started, or
who coined it, but the term "Homeland
Defense Rifle" became a good laugh for
us all.

After thinking about, I feel it isn't a
joke. I feel we should go out of our way
to make that a keyword amongst the Law Abiding gun owner/shooter community (and all splinters of it).

Why? Well, because that's what they have ALWAYS
been, but now a gracious and well defined
name has come to light.

If you use the term to the point enough, it will stick.

We all know that "Assault Rifles" by modern
time’s definition is false.

Assault rifle*
meant select fire...etc.....BUT a few antigunners
got a hold of it and plastered it all
over until it became a newly defined
word/term. We embraced it mostly for the
humor & shock value.

"Yeah, I own guns, I have some old lever actions, a revolver, OH, and a few 'assault rifles' (then a good laugh as you mock the term).

But, its not OUR term, it was handed to us by the enemy to scare the sheeple.

So why should we continue using it?

I didn't buy my AK style rifles for hunting,
I didn't buy them for marksmanship related
shooting events, I bought them as a
tool of defense and deterrence to those
that want to threaten me in any form.

So I feel we should take this new term
that WE chose, that describes OUR 'tools'
for what they really are and have ALWAYS

These, my friends, are the free-mans modern day musket.

My dream as of now, is to see that this new DESCRIPTIVE/DEFINITION, LABEL,TERM, WHATEVER be used SO COMMONLY that the anti-gunners actually
bring it up on CNN, FOX NEWS etc.

Let them scoff, let them 'spin' this, try to
mock it, hell, LET THEM MOCK IT, BUT DON'T back down, don't flinch,continue using it until it is forced into the sheeple's mind.

If the powers that be want to use fear of terrorism to justify their actions, them I will use it to CLARIFY my reason for owning these weapons.

They expect us to cringe in fear when
they show videos of terrorists training
with 'Military weapons'. Well guess
what, you can't put a cat in a dog fight.

Let’s use their "fear factor" against them,
let’s not only coin this new label, let’s
MINT it!!

For now on, every time you make a post, or are in a conversation with a sheeple or even a fellow Patriot, and the
need comes to use the term 'Assault Rifle'----
catch yourself and use the RIGHT term "Homeland Defense Rifle"......Put pressure on Major dealers to start using the phrase in their advertising,”

ON SALE This Week: Homeland Defense

Let’s turn this tide in OUR favor
for once.

Think it about, please, this is a bigger
deal then you think. I know it sounds a
bit silly at first, or even a bit pointless, but
look at the BIG picture.

The existing term was used to disarm us, as well as "Non-Sporting features/rifle"

Let them try to deny us our "Homeland Defense Rifles"

How does that sound. If it is used enough,
it will be a forced vocabulary; the media
will mock it at first or ignore it, but if we
PERSIST without hesitation, then the
term will be set in stone, as well as the
hearts & minds of many. Please help me
make this a reality.



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Feb 29, 2008
I just use the term "rifle."

I got a new rifle today.

What kind of rifle?

An AR-15.

What's that?

Civilian version of the M16.
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