Houston - FS CZ 82 (9mm makarov)

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Apr 6, 2012
Got a CZ82 from buying and trading. I just don't need an extra gun at the moment. Trying to slim down my caliber stockpile so this needs to go. It is a surplus gun and it is not a pretty one. There are chips on the finish on different places but i assure you, this thing locks up tight ! No rattle, firing pin strike is positive when dry firing it.

Keep in mind, this is not in a lot of supply like before. This is AIM price when they still have it, before shipping and FFL
I'm discounting it due to its condition and the fact that it has 1 mag.

1 mag comes with pistol, with a 12 rd capacity making it a compact 13 rd pistol
ambidextrous control : safety lever and mag release are both functional either side. you can push the mag release from the right side and it will eject.
polygonal rifling
DA/SA - can be carried cocked and locked like a 1911. There is no de-cocker. But the hammer can be carefully lowered and you can carry 1 in the chamber with hammer down. That first shot can be fired DA or hammer can be pulled for SA operation.
I did a clean and relube with ballistol on important areas.

I just got this in a trade and haven't shot it yet but a while back, i had the same gun and it works beautifully. there is no reason this thing wouldn't shoot as nice. It is a CZ after all.

Looking to get $275 w/o ammo
looking to get $300 with 100 rds of ammo.

text for faster reply: 832 - nine six four - 4873




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