how to open a gun safe in 60 seconds


Mar 19, 2008

How to open a gun safe in 60 seconds


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Feb 29, 2008
I think those fellas would have had a much harder time of it if the safe had been bolted to the floor or wall and they couldn't use gravity to help out with the prying. I also wonder whether or not most crooks are going to be carrying a pry bar in addition to a crowbar. Still, five minutes and not a lot of noise could probably have netted crooks with tools entry without drawing attention.

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Mar 4, 2008
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The video is a bit of a farce, but has some good points. As you guys noted, had the safe been bolted down and in a limited access location, the criminals would have had a harder time of it.

Yes, they busted into a $1000 "safe." Most such gun safes are nothing more than security against fire, family, and friends. They are not burglar safes. Even if they were, thieves would only need about a half an hour or so with sledge hammers to brute force their way into the safe.

So the guys in the vid weren't professional burglars as they used only the most basic of tools? Sorry, but professional burglars often use only the most basic of tools. Why overcomplicate matters if you don't need to do so? The two guys in the video also knew exactly what they were doing.

The guy is right that we should buy better safes. We should all spend several thousand dollars for a jewelry safe so as to get the most protection possible. A good 15 grand safe would be nice, wouldn't it?

As safes being handed down for generations, that is true. However, we own two such safes and they were good for the day when they were built but are crap by today's standards. I would not worry so much about buying a safe for future generations.
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