Howdy from SW Houston


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May 25, 2008
Just found this board, saw a few members that I know, so thought I'd drop in and introduce myself.

Native Houstonian, started shooting at 7 years old. Most of my range time these days is supporting my teenage daughter who tries to be active on the High Power Rifle circuit around here. (School's been interfering with her range time.) I prolly brag too much about her, but hey, you would too if she were yours. For those of you who know her, NRA just reclassified her from Sharpshooter to Expert!

I recently got back into reloading .223 to support her ammo habit, the 600 yard stuff is too expensive to buy. Setup a Dillon 550. When I have the coin, I'll start loading some other calibres.

Trying to standardize on calibers, so I shoot mostly 9mm, .22 and .308. I have a Sig 239, Sig 228, HK P7, Beretta 70S (too sweet!) and a few more. Couple of shotguns. HK91. Just bought a 10/22 which I need to take to the range. My girl has a parts bin AR15 competition service rifle.

I really want to get some suppressed weapons, I keep reading how much fun those are.

Hopefully every now and then I can submit a post that is informative.


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Apr 27, 2008
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