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    I'm a new hunter so please bare with me. I'm taking my hunters education course online. I have since decided this was a mistake. More than once along the quizes they've asked a question that they haven't addressed yet. I figured it out but now I"m stuck on the "Open Book" Portion of the test. I have my Outdoor Annual open and I SWEAR THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS ARE NOT IN HERE!.......well ok maybe they are and I'm counting on you guys to proove me wrong(and save my tail I've got to have all the answers by saturday.) If you have the answers please tell me what page number they are located on in the annual so I can kick myself in the rear.

    Question #4

    Not counting evidence of sex of a quartered carcass, which is the furthest a deer or antelope can be processed in the field?


    What may be discarded?

    I have no clue on this one I haven't seen anything on this I don't think. Unless the first three answers are 2 forequarters 2 Rearquarters 2 backstraps AND......I have no idea.

    Question #6

    What license(s) and stamp(s) must a Texas waterfowler, age 16 or older have?

    Is the answer to this one something to the effect of "A state of Texas hunting license and migratory game bird stamp"

    Question #10

    The following turkeys may be shot in the spring season?

    Gobbler: True____ False____
    Hen: True____ False____
    Bearded Hen: True____ False____

    I can not find any distinction between the gobbler, hen and bearded hen as it pertains to what may and may not be hunted durring the spring season.

    and I'm pretty sure I've got this one right


    What is the deer season and limit for Live Oak County?

    BUT Is it asking me the Whole deer season? The general season? Archery season? Late genearal season? I assume general but who knows.

    I really Appreciate any help you guys can give me.

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