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I beat the crap out of a tisas for the lulz

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  • zackmars

    Novice Shooter
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    Nov 4, 2015
    Well not really. As I'm getting into reenacting, my shiny new looking tisas 1911a1 really clashes with the whole murder hobo vibe I've got going on.

    So lets throw it down the driveway. And by "throw it down the driveway" i mean "spike it into a rock pile multiple times, and kick it around the floor, and drive over it in the dirt a bunch"

    And you know, the gun still kinda works. The recoil spring plunger is a bit too big so the recoil spring likes to bunch up around it, and the extractor tension still isn't quite up to snuff, this is on top of previous issues like poor sear and plunger spring tension (fixed with wilson combat parts)

    I ran 2 mags through it at various points when we were throwing it around, and i had one failure to return to battery

    After running it over, and wiping it down and adding some oil, i ran two mags and had 1 FTRTB and one miss feed.

    What was the point of this? I don't know. A bit of morbid curiosity to see if a pistol i have less than $300 in can handle some abuse, and i get gun that doesn't look brand new


    Unfortunately the gun still doesn't fire .30 super carry, but I've got an idea...

    DK Firearms


    30 Super Carry Post Whore 2K Champ
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    Apr 20, 2020
    Turkish hobo chique, definitely a vibe, as the kids would say. I say beat it more. Beat it like it owes you money. Beat it like a 16 year old beats his meat. Beat it like Michael Vick beats a losing pitbull. Then put a .30 Super Carry barrel in it and show the world that even the down trodden, the abused, the angry can find redemption and salvation if they accept the one true caliber.


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    Mar 16, 2023
    San Antonio
    If, in a dimentia episode, I had bought a turkish ass gun,
    then come back to my normal, somewhat coherent self,
    I would have ground it up in a Blend Tech, put it in a canister, along with a couple of Hi-Point 9mm barrels,
    threw in in the barbecue pit, and made a Damascus butter knife out of it.

    It probably would have bent the first time I tried to spread cream cheese on a beagle, but what the hell...
    Every Day Man


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