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May 6, 2008
I came across an interesting utility the other day called Pidgin.

I used to use MSN Messenger with my kids but if another friend has say Yahoo or AOL then you have to have one of those too. I had been looking at Trillian when I came across this one, way simpler than Trillian and dead simple to set up. Sure simplifies things if you have friends on different programs.


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May 21, 2008
I use Pidgin at work, as we have our own Jabber server set up here for internal IMs, and I also login to my AIM and Yahoo accounts with it as well. Never really had a problem with it, although several of my coworkers have run into issues with updating it.

At home, I just use Trillian. It's much more of a resource hog than Pidgin, but it works well enough for me.
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