Interpol Finds Chavez Guilty Of Consorting With Terrorists

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  • SIG_Fiend

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    Feb 21, 2008
    Austin, TX

    Interpol yesterday issued its findings on the authenticity of the computer files seized from Colombian terrorists in March, and they won't make Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez's day.
    "We are absolutely certain that the computer exhibits that our experts examined came from a FARC terrorist camp," said Robert Noble, head of the international police agency. "No one can ever question whether or not the Colombian government tampered with the seized FARC computers."

    Mr. Chávez has denied the link between his government – and himself personally – and the drug-dealing FARC, a Marxist "liberation" group that has terrorized Colombia for decades. He claims that the documents seized earlier this year in a Colombian military raid in Ecuador are forgeries designed to prepare an invasion of Venezuela by the Bush Administration. No doubt he'll stick to that story. If so, he'll have to add Interpol – and the Australian and Singaporean forensic experts who examined the files – to the list of conspirators.
    Among other things, the documents detail personal meetings between Mr. Chávez and senior FARC leaders and the provision of money and materiel to the "rebels." Of a $250 million "loan" from Venezuela to FARC, Venezuela's Interior Minister wrote in one email, "Don't think of it as a loan, think of it as solidarity." The documents also describe Venezuela providing FARC with rocket-propelled grenades – and training in the Middle East on how to use them to shoot down Colombian military aircraft.
    Interpol's certification proves that Mr. Chávez is trying to destabilize a U.S. ally. Maybe even Bill Delahunt (D., Mass.) and Mr. Chávez's other friends in the U.S. Congress will now have second thoughts about doing business with a proven supporter of terrorism in our own hemisphere.

    Basically the jist is that Interpol has determined that the data from some seized computers of the Colombian FARC rebels/terrorists is in fact real. This proves Hugo Chavez has been supplying and supporting Colombian terrorists. Now that the truth is out, I wonder what is going to happen next? Oh teh no3z, Sean Penn is going to have to visit his buddy in jail now (did someone say conjugal?).


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    May 29, 2017
    Austin, TX
    This is no surprise, it's the only way he can get to the us, and he's seeking to overthrow the Columbian government to exact greater control over South America.

    The CIA needs to make him disappear in a random accident involving a JDAM and his big mouth.
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