Israeli Citizens Fighting off Mujahideen

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    Witnesses said the two gunmen entered the crowded compound of the seminary and fired automatic weapons at students. Zaka put the Israeli death toll at eight, with some 20 people wounded.

    "There was a lot of gunfire and hysteria," a woman who lives across the street from the school told the radio.

    "I saw police and ordinary civilians, who were armed, trading gunfire with the gunmen," another witness said. "The gunbattle went on for about 10 minutes."

    Outside the five-storey building, a crowd shouted "Death to the Arabs".

  2. mac79912

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    Mar 4, 2008
    There will never be peace.I am glad to hear that the armed citizens defended themselves.I am sure glad to live in Texas.
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    If I didn't have a son I would go over there and help out.

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