It's Good to be the King


TGT Addict
May 29, 2017
Austin, TX
Went to Central Market and decided to get some good ol' fashioned man food, fit for a King.

Duvel, it's a Belgian brewed Golden Ale and is some tasty stuff. I had a 750mL bottle of it, and it's rated at 8.5% ABV. It is by far the Champagne of Beers. Light golden hues, sharp carbonation, and a dry, yet smooth, flavor. Highly recommended.

0.86 lbs. of Aged USDA Choice Sirloin cooked medium with fresh cracked black pepper along with Pan de Champagne, a French country bread, fresh. The bread is good for only 3 days as it has no preservative, it is old school goodness. The flavor is like a light rye mixed with white bread without the sugar. Very very good.

Steak cooked over a gas grill on low, laden with Pecan wood. The wood provides the majority of the heat.

I could drop dead now and I would have a perminant smile.

What's meat and bread without cheese? I finished off the bread with the juice and steak bits, topped with Muenster cheese.

Tomorrow is beef stir fry day, and I am saving some fresh Westfalia sausage and USDA Prime Ribeyes for this weekend

If I don't post on Monday it's because I'm in a coma.


Mar 4, 2008
Its definitely good to be the King.I try to get out at least once a year for a feast like that.:D


Bowling-Pin Commando
May 28, 2008
Mustang Ridge
My wife and I shop almost exclusively at Central Market. If you compare, it is not that much more than HEB and actually cheaper than Albertson's.

That being said, Where was the gun in your dinner pic? GUN or it didn't happen.:D

Shiner Bock

Apr 30, 2008
A minor quibble, it looks great and one must adapt, overcome, and improvise as Gunny Highway would say. The real sin is the baked beans in the background instead of ranch style beans.:D
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