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  • Texas1911

    TGT Addict
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    May 29, 2017
    Austin, TX

    The one thing that annoys me the most about the entire situation is that I feel our military is handicapped by the media. Mired in a pile of bureaucratic crap so high it blocks the sun.

    At what point did war turn into this voyeuristic festival of "fairness"? I can recall the days of patriotic films where a few American kids cut down hundreds of Russian and Cuban commies, or where a lone commando takes down a few hundred Russians in Afghanistan (the irony), and it's heralded as Americana.

    People in their lavish American lives get to cry about us waterboarding the enemy, and blow up their local congressman's email inbox. Who cares about these bastards? He's going to live through it, sure it's torturous, but if it saves the life of an American GI, or of civilians then to hell with it. They use this moronic guise of "Would you want our soldiers waterboarded?" as some kind of moral plea to support their idiocy. I guess they have too much sand in their ears to understand that our soldiers, and civilian contractors, don't get waterboarded, they get their God damn heads cut off with a knife.

    At what point did these morons forget this is war, and that in war there are things that we must do for the greater good. There is no fairness, there is only victory, otherwise it is not war, it's a struggle.
    Hurley's Gold


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    Mar 4, 2008
    I agree.We need to do everything possible to stop another 9/11.As Ted Kennedy would say"I would like to make a toast.".Too many chiefs not enough indians.:D


    TGT Addict
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    May 29, 2017
    Austin, TX
    That's always been the problem with democracy, it's too slow to react to changing threats, and with the world changing every day it's becoming more and more apparent.

    Another problem is that within democracy the sole duty of the citizenry is to be informed. Our citizenry is far from informed, and has turned into a sea of people that are mislead every day by the current waves.

    I fear we are on the verge of our downfall, and the idiots in this country are leading us to it every single day.


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    Feb 23, 2008
    San Antonio
    Another report from the No Sh$t Sherlock files...

    Study: Antiwar Reporting Helps U.S. Enemies

    Thursday, March 13, 2008

    Insurgents in Iraq get a boost from coverage in the news media that shows support for troop withdrawals from the war torn country, according to a study.
    Two Harvard University economists found that insurgent groups are responsive to "antiresolve" statements in the media.
    "It shows that the various insurgent groups do respond to incentives and shows that a successful counter insurgency strategy should take that reality into account," Jonathan Monten, a co-author of the study and a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, told US News and World Report.
    Insurgent attacks increased between 7 and 10 percent immediately after a spike in "antiresolve" statements in the media, according to the findings.
    The study was published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Baghdad was excluded from the study and it did not review overall cost and public debate.
    Every Day Man


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