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jimenez 9mm?

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  • TxKoppur

    New Member
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    Apr 6, 2009
    Princeton Texas
    I wanted ask around and get some more insight on these guns. I buy guns all the time. Usually from individuals and I had the chance to buy a 9mm pistol very cheap. I had the feeling this guy was just trying to get rid of it fats. So much that it made me think it was hot. It wasnt, but I did some checking around on the internet and found out some ugly news on these guns. Like..... they had a problem with flying apart when shot, etc.
    I didnt buy the gun by the way Are they really that bad?
    Does anyone else have any comments, suggestions about them?

    Texas SOT


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    Jan 12, 2009
    McKinney Texas
    DOn't expect much from them. They rarely work good out of the box, and their frame (and quality-- lack of) tends to lead to a short life shooting-- usually. They can be made to be serviceable, but I have seen more than a few start to keyhole after a couple of thousand rounds (if they last that long). Their lifetime warranty leads many to believe that they are quality guns-- they are not. If you want a cheap pistol, get a Hi Point. If not, then save your money for something better-- you can get new Sigmas for under $400-- Tauruses for under $300-- and HP C9s for around $150-- all are better quality and better shooters than most JANines...I am not a gunsnob, but the main reason many own cheapo guns is that they can't afford better at the time. I was like that, but have since pooled my money and bought an XD45 ( a few years ago) and have since sold all of my "SNS-es" for a nice profit (1 Jennings J22 and 2 Jimenez JA22 for $350 total) and do not regret it. WHile they were fun, quirky plinkers, I would not entrust my life to one.

    Keep looking-- IMHO.. FOr the price of a JA9, you can get a HP C(-- both are ugly, but Hi Point is actually a decent reliable shooter-- from my experience..YMMV...
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