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Kimber Stainless II conversion to series 70

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  • TipBledsoe

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    Jun 28, 2020
    LaVernia TX
    I have a Kimber CDP that came original as series 70 design, but I recently got a Stainless II that came original as series 80 design - I didn't expect that since the CDP is series 70, but noticeable right away nonetheless. Not exactly Colt style series 80 but the same effect.

    The "design flaw" had to be remediated right away. I ordered 0.060" shim from Brownells which turned out to be a La Colt style, so I made my own shim just using a Stainless washer ground down to the appropriate shape and thickness. Easy Peasy. While I was at it I installed a shorter trigger for my short fat fingers.

    The slide on the other hand had a further surprise - the rear sight must be removed in order to remove the series 80 safety plunger and spring.

    I got her all put back together and the trigger feels much better. Far smoother and a quarter pound lighter.

    I wish I'd have been thinking to take photos along the way. I may have to disassemble again to get photos to more clearly explain what I did.
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