Knife-Wielding Men In China Attack Railway Station. 27 killed.

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  • ShootWhenICan

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    Apr 5, 2012
    Gee, let’s guess who the attackers all in black are…
    First one to say "muslims" gets the price.
    CAIR will probably say they were Amish.

    Group Of Knife-Wielding Men In China Attack Railway Station, “Premeditated, Organized” Manner, Kill 27, Injure 109

    Via IB Times:
    The attack at Kunming train station in China’s southwestern Yunnan province was described by state television as a “violent terror attack” that was “organised and premeditated.”
    At least 27 people have been killed and 109 wounded in the mass stabbing at one of China’s busiest railway stations.
    According to eye witness reports, a group of people armed with knives and dressed all in black, entered the train station at about 9pm and indiscriminately began attacking travellers.
    Speaking to Xinhua news agency, a local resident, Yang Haifei, described a scene of carnage as unsuspecting travellers were cut down in their tracks.
    Haifei who, sustained injuries to his chest and back was buying a ticket at the time of the attack.
    “I saw a person come straight at me with a long knife and I ran away with everyone,” he said, adding that some people ‘just fell on the ground’.
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    Mar 21, 2013
    Well amish would explain the knives!

    The more interesting aspect is the body count in a knife attack. I guess the gun control crowd will turn a blind eye still.
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