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Lone Star Gun Range - July 5th Event Review

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  • Texas1911

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    May 29, 2017
    Austin, TX
    Went and checked out the Lone Star Gun Range out near Lockhart, TX and I have nothing but good things to say. I believe we got there around 1:45 - 2:00 PM and got signed in. Typical paperwork, don't shoot people, no shooting up, smoking rock, no "hey bob hold my beer" type antics.

    I got out on the range about 2:15-ish PM shot some, got loaded up on BBQ, and went back for more gun action. The staff is about as cool as they come, the range officers weren't over your shoulder or rushing out there to un-jam your pistol. Those that were obviously having some trouble they were there to help them through it and offer up some tips. I was double taping, mag dumping, and having an AWESOME time. Aubrey (Hoji) was on hand to offer up some tips, thanks out to him.

    Two guys had out some suppressed / unsuppressed Walther P22, AR15 w/ .22 LR conversion and RDS, and another guy had a Ruger .22 rifle with optics. Thanks go out to them for letting us play with their toys.

    Matt and the other staff were very laid back. I tried out their Taurus PT92 and a Glock G19. With rentals you never know what you are going to get, but these guys actually took care of their guns. The Glock was oiled, and didn't have 5,000 rounds worth of powder build-up on the muzzle. You can tell alot about a range by the details, and it's obvious that Matt and his team care.

    The range has 2 firing lines for pistols out to 25 yards (I believe one is limited to 10 yards), and a seperate rifle line adjacent. I like the layout because the rifles are seperated by a berm. Not only for safety, but for noise as well.

    Matt had installed some cover on the firing lines and it worked out nicely. We were cool in the shade all day. The day was nice, even had some clouds roll over threatening rain, but alas God loves gun owners.

    Thanks to Matt and his crew, Hoji, and any others I might have missed.

    If you are in the area, HIGHLY recommended. We'll be making the short drive more often for sure.
    Guns International


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    Feb 21, 2008
    Austin, TX
    I had a great time as well. It's probably the first time I can ever remember walking away after a day at the range and feeling satisfied, of course as a result of the relaxed atmosphere, ability to rapid fire, etc etc. Another nice thing is everyone at Lone Star was incredibly helpful. There were a few new and/or inexperienced shooters out there and judging by what I saw the Lone Star guys seemed to be very helpful to them and sympathetic. It has been my experience at some other ranges that new shooters can get a little intimidated by everything, and it certainly doesn't help when an instructor is overzealous, overbearing, or just plain unsympathetic and blunt while trying to "help" someone. I think for newer shooters it can also be a bit overwhelming when an instructor gets into a wide variety of aspects of shooting, terminology, etc possibly confusing the shooter and not really helping them in the end. The Lone Star guys were the complete opposite, seemed to explain things in a simple and effective manner to these newer shooters, and overall did a great job I think in easing some of their intimidation and fears. Great work guys. Not only is it nice to have a great range that isn't uptight like some others, but it's that much better when the staff is equally laid back and helpful. You guys have a real quality business there. :D

    Thanks to Matt, Aubrey, and all the people at Lone Star that put the event together! You definitely have a repeat customer with me. :D I highly recommend anyone in the area check these guys out.
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