Looking for AR guys to shoot with


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Jul 20, 2008
If all you are wanting is to stand in at a line in shoot in Houston I used to shoot at the American Shooting Centers on the west Site of Town. There is also a range up on 290 by Highway 6, and maybe Shiloh, never been up in the nortwest. Then Carter's Country up north. There are a town of other places, but I don't much experience with them.



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Jan 21, 2009
PSC Shooting Club

This is a private range on the South side of Houston by Alvin and Friendswood, but well worth the $160 a year. I have been a member for about four years and the great thing about it is all members get the combo to the front gate. Everyone is responsible for range safety and cease fires. They have four different types of rifle ranges. Bench only to 200 (iirc), open range to 300 (you can go prone on the dirt if you want but I only do that when no one is on the range as it moves up the firing line) a dedicated .22 rim fire range and a BB range for the kids.

For pistols there is both steel plates and paper targets. They have multiple of bays so you can always find some place to shoot.

I don't know much about the skeet/shotgun area as that is not my thing, but they have a big area for that.

Oh, and a bow range also.

Well worth the money. My wife calls it the time black hole as I go there and just can't get away.
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